52-3 District Court – Rochester Hills, Auburn Hills, Oxford, Lake Orion, Addison, Oakland, Orion, Leonard

Let’s face it – 52-3 District judges rival the toughness of the 48th. Judges Julie A. Nicholson and Lisa L. Asadoorian will had down tough sentences. Judge Nancy T. Carniak is no pushover either but she generally is more lenient. Probation terms are tough and they are enforced. There is not much leniency with this court. This is a place where an attorney must fight for justice. That is exactly what I will do in Rochester. My staff and I spend a great deal of time defending our clients’ rights at 52-3 District.

I believe the judges in Rochester Hills respect me as an attorney because I am honest, show up on time, respectful and know what I am doing. I have proven that I am an effective trial attorney in that Court and deserve their respect.

That said the city attorneys for Rochester Hills, Oxford and Auburn Hills are generally fair and reasonable.

This court does have a sobriety-court program which requires that the defendant have at least two prior alcohol related convictions. If a second DUI offender is facing a license revocation successful participation in the Sobriety Court can significantly reduce the suspension time to as little as 45 days after which an ignition interlock must be used. A definite incentive to participate in this program should you qualify.

When being sentenced for any offense, this court is the only one I have ever seen which mandates that all fines and costs be paid on the day of sentencing or go to jail – that’s tough. 52-3 is reluctant to set up payment plans and if they do allow for one, it won’t last long.

700 Barclay Circle
Rochester Hills, MI 48307

Phone: 248-853-5553
Hours: 8:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.

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