52-1 District Court – Novi, Walled Lake, South Lyon, Commerce

52-1 is home to the most feared judge in the county, Judge Brian McKenzie. I think he would not mind me saying that his bark is worse than his bite. I find him to be one of the most friendly, easy going judges around but that’s because I am a lawyer and not a defendant. Judge Mackenzie will make good legal rulings and will twist the arm of the prosecutor when he thinks it needs to be. He can be very helpful to a good resolution to a case. He is a realist – operating within the parameters of the circumstances of being an Oakland county judge. He will also scare the shit out of a defendant. I try to prepare my clients for his “style” the best I can. That said, he is a good judge to be in front of, especially if you are me – he likes me.

Oakland County Prosecutor v. Judge Brian Mackenzie Blog

Judge Powers is even tempered, fair and fairly lenient. He is a very good and well respected judge.

The 52-1 court has a refreshing open door policy to attorneys. We can typically walk right into the judge’s office and speak our minds. That is true of all the judges there. I think it facilitates a lot of friendliness and fairness. Things get worked out in this Court that would not happen in others.