47th District Court – Farmington and Farmington Hills

The 47th District Court presides over the Cities of Farmington and Farmington Hills. There are two judges there, Marla Parker and James Brady. Both of these judges have been there a long time and are very seasoned.

There is no doubt that the 47th District Court is one of my favorite places to practice. For over ten years my office was in Farmington Hills so I have spent a lot of time there. I have conducted several successful jury trials and evidentiary hearings in this Court. Like a lot of district judges, they do not like extended and complicated litigation on misdemeanor cases, they have been somewhat patient with me over the past several years.

The Farmington and Farmington Hills City Attorney, Steve Meads, is one of the longest tenured and most respected city attorneys in the metro Detroit area. I have a terrific relationship with him and I have for years. When I get a Farmington Hills case I know I will get a favorable outcome for my client. Steve Meads is probably the best city attorney in the area.

Judge Parker was elected in 1997. She was also an attorney in private practice before becoming elected. While Judge Parker is a little more conservative, she can still be fair in her rulings. I have been before her hundreds of times. There is no doubt that she respects me and my work.

Judge Brady has been there since 2002 and is completely fair, reasonable and lenient. He was a former Oakland County Prosecutor in the early 80’s. Most importantly he was in private practice for almost 20 years. It is a great thing when a judge knows what it is like to privately practice law. He has better respect for attorneys like me and the issues that I encounter. He is understanding and compassionate. There is no doubt he is one of the most respected judges in Oakland County.

Overall the 47th District Court is a wonderful court with a beautiful courthouse in a very pleasant suburban jurisdiction. Because of my familiarity there it is like a second home court for me.