46th District Court – Southfield

The District Court in Southfield is a fine place to practice and their judges are traditionally fair. Judge Susan Moiseev recently retired after over 25 years on the bench. She had a reputation of being tough and sometimes mean but she was always good to me. I liked her and wish her the best of luck in her future endeavors. Judge Deborah Nance will be the new judge. Judge Nance has a civil litigation background. I don’t believe that Judge Nance has any criminal justice experience. That may be a good thing. I hear she is very smart and will learn quickly. I anticipate her to be fair and a good replacement for judge Moiseev.

Judge Sheila Johnson is very smart and cares a lot about the community and defendants.

Judge William Richards is lenient and fair although he will lock up a first offender if he believes the circumstances warrant it.