43rd District – Cities of Ferndale, Hazel Park and Madison Heights

The 43rd District has three different courthouses one in each of the three cities. Judge Joseph Longo, Judge Charles Goedert and Judge Keith Hunt preside over each court respectively.

Judge Goedert is very much by the book.

Judge Longo is tough but fair. The City Attorney in Ferndale, Dan Christ is well respected and well liked. The Ferndale Court encourages defendants convicted of DUI to participate in their sobriety court which requires frequent supervision, and additional requirements. The reward is 6 months less probation. A first offender would be given 18 months without sobriety court – 12 months with. A second offender can expect 24 months of probation. The fines and costs are about $2000 total. Community Service is often not ordered. Judge Longo is also newly concerned about getting his cases litigated quickly pursuant to new Supreme Court case management mandates and reporting requirements.

Judge Hunt in Madison Heights requires a cash bond on all drunk driving cases. A defendant should be prepared to post at least $500 at the arraignment. Madison Heights City Attorney Nick Grochowski is a great guy to work with and is reasonable.