Felony Murder in Michigan

Criminal Defense Attorney for Felony Murder

A person will be charged with felony murder if the murder occurs during the course or attempted course of a specified felony offense. A person can be charged with felony murder if he was the person who actually committed the felony from which a death occurred or if he aided and abetted in the commission of the felony. The prosecutor must prove the following in felony murder charge: the defendant caused the death, the defendant intended or kill, cause great bodily harm, or knowingly created a situation when the risk of death or great bodily harm was highly likely as a result; when the death occurred, the defendant was committing or attempting to commit a specified felony, and the killing was not justified, excused, or done under circumstances that would qualify for a lessor crime.

When considering felony murder, juries will look at the length of time between the commission of the felony and the murder, whether there was a casual connection between the murder and the felony, and whether the murder occurred during an attempted escape. The most effective defense against a felony murder, is to defend against the underlying felony. If the defendant is found innocent of the underlying felony, he cannot be charged with felony murder.

Barton Morris has successfully defended persons charged with murder in state and federal court (Murder of a Federal Witness). Only an accomplished trial attorney can effectively defend such serious charges.

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