Domestic Violence in Michigan

Defense Attorney for being charged with Domestic Violence

Domestic violence is a serious crime which entails a potential jail term as well as monetary fines. Domestic violence occurs when two people are involved in a domestic relationship, and one of the people in the domestic relationship uses physical, sexual, and emotional abuse against the other causing the other to fear him/her or restricting the other’s freedom. A domestic relationship exists between two people in the following circumstances: spouse or former spouse, dating relationship or former dating relationship, child in common, or a resident or former resident of the same household.

Because the victims in domestic violence cases are almost always a person with whom the defendant has a relationship with, it is common that the victim want to drop the charges and not pursue prosecution. Defendant’s are often suprized to find out that prosecutors and police will not easily dismiss a case just because the victim said so. If they did, potentially dangerous people and habitual offenders may never be prosecuted. Also, people in relationships can be manipulated and coerced into dismissing the case.

It is critically important to have a good trial lawyer to defend against a domestic violence charge. If a prosecutor knows the defense attoney is not afraid to try the case and win the best deals are often offered.

Often times there are very good self defense arguments. Defense of others must also be considered. Other Assaultive Defenses include . . . Click Here

Remember, the prosecutor must prove each and every element of an offense beyond all doubt that is reasonable to secure a conviction. If it is shown they cannot, a defendant is entitled to a verdict of not guilty which means not proven.

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